5 Reasons Why

We Love Stranger Things

Season 1 Spoiler Alert – if you haven’t seen Season 1 , watch it.

The Second Season of Stranger Things comes out today, at midnight. There is a lot of excitement, anticipation, and questions among fans within The Hopper office: Is the entire town of Hawkins a science experiment? In which episode will Will Byers embrace his inner Demogorgon? Also, where is Eleven?! We’ll all likely go home after work and binge-watch the whole season, but why is Stranger Things such a popular show? Why does it resonate so well with us? Below, we listed the “Top Five” reasons why The Hopper loves Stranger Things.

1. We Have National Research Labs Here, in Boulder

Our home base in Boulder is known for international research leaders, including NCAR, UCAR, NIST, and NOAA – among many other renowned labs. Most of these labs look like your average office building. But the main laboratory campus on Broadway still has guard posts that you must pass through, and many surrounding government signs. While we’re sure none of these institutions are doing psychokinetic research on kids, it’s still fun to walk past these buildings and wonder what goes on in the depths of their facilities.

2. Kids and Teenagers Rule!

Without the kids, Eleven, Mike, Dustin and Lucas, and teenagers, Jonathan, Steve, and Nancy, the entire town of Hawkins would have been doomed. Not only do they team up and delegate tasks to save Will, protect each other, and take down the Demogorgon, but they gain full parental and adult confidence in their skills as epic problem-solvers. They are driven by curiosity and operate iconic 80’s technology, including long-range radios, and even engineer a sensory-deprivation pool for Eleven, showing that they are all self-motivated and dedicated to saving their friend. The Hopper is all about entrusting kids with the tools they need to explore their environments, and never leaving a curiosity door closed.

3. Mr. Clarke, the Science Teacher, is Taking his Students Seriously

Mr. Clarke is your standard brainiac, somewhat clumsy, big-hearted science teacher, whose passion for science grants the youngsters an immediate audience. He takes his students seriously and vividly illustrates the theoretical nature of parallel universes and string theory, answers late-night calls to provide DIY guidance over the phone, and never leaves a question unanswered. Mr. Clarke is always there for the kids, and his knowledge and guidance make him the feel-good support beacon throughout Season 1. His hands-on promotion of science among his students is perfectly aligned with how we develop our programming and train our facilitators.

4. The Writers Present Scientific Theories In a Digestible Format

Stranger Things isn’t just another Sci Fi drama full of made-up science. While a multiverse and string theory are still mostly theoretical concepts, Stranger Things introduces them in a simple and manageable way that is easy to comprehend. There are a few credible parallel world theories, including the Braneworld theory involving multiple big bangs creating stacked universes as well as Everett’s Many Worlds Theory – which states that every option in your life creates multiple new realities and branching universes. Currently there is not much evidence to support either of these theories, although a recent find by the Royal Astronomical Societycould change this. At Science Galaxy, we’ll continue to promote cutting edge discoveries that keep our human existence on its feet.

5. We’re Suckers for the 80’s

Today, we’re plugged in 24/7, and it’s fun to indulge in the nostalgia of a time when phones had cords, big hair and neon-colored lipstick were legit, and role-playing games – in Dungeons & Dragons style – were a main form of entertainment for a school night. The 80s were cool! While our future playspace is going to be full of opportunities to explore the latest tech and innovations, we love the tangibility of life in the 80’s and how you could engineer everything. We look forward to providing kits, workshops, and tinkering options at our future site!

We can’t wait to watch season 2 tonight! Start a conversation with us on Facebook about why you love Stranger Things!


Vanessa Schatz

Vanessa Schatz

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Leo Borasio

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