Five Creative Ways to

Repurpose Your Halloween Candy

repurpose your halloween candy

Did your eager trick-or-treaters bring home an abundance of candy you will never eat? Not sure what to do with all the treats but feeling guilty to simply trash them?

Here are five, Hopper-approved ideas for repurposing your Halloween candy:

  1. Teach your younger kids math with leftover candy. Make them count, add up, divide. This hands-on exercise will enhance their basic math skills.
  2. Turn your Skittles into paint. Combine some Skittles and a little corn syrup and your little ones can indulge in a painting session with glossy, fruity-smelling colors.
  3. Keep it simple and design an advent calendar featuring your Halloween candy as daily treats leading up to Christmas.
  4. On the topic of the Holidays, design your own christmas lights with Mike and Ikes light bulb base and M&M’s. Together, they make the perfect light bulb base and festive light bulb contraption.
  5. Finally, sweeten your morning coffee. Adding some chocolate, or pumpkin-flavored treats, is an inexpensive and effective way to get a flavored coffee beverage at home.

Looking for more creative ways to repurpose your remaining candy, click here. Or check out the Amazeum’s “Hershey Lab” for a list of hands-on activities with sweets – some of  them home-compatible.

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