Ignite your imagination! The Hopper is hoping to fill a wide variety of volunteer positions. Read below to get a glimpse of a few places we’re looking for help, and then fill out the Volunteer Form to let us know which ones resonate best with you!

Online Communications

Guest Blogger

Are you a creative thinker and love to write? Become a Thinker Times guest blogger. We’re looking for volunteers to submit timely content about science learning and family-oriented discovery (we post blogs on a consistent basis with a flexible writing schedule).


Activities Prep

Assist with preparing experiment trays, and pick up trays after experiments are finished. You’re like a line cook, but for science.


Are you proficient in woodworking, electronics, or digital fabrication? Are you opinionated on which equipment gives you the most bang for your buck, the limitations of equipment, and the maximum level of complexity worth investing in? Meet with us for 4 – 6 hours over the next 2 months at your convenience. We would love to hear your thoughts on the subject matter most interesting to you.

Woodshop: power drills, table saws, jointer/planer, drum sander, bandsaw, chop saw, oscillating spindle sander, edge sander, vacuum press, various jigs, and hand tools, scroll saws, cardboard cutters, etc.

Electronics: Arduino, raspberry pi, soldering stations, oscilloscopes, logic probes, solderless breadboards, off-the-shelf products like Little Bits or Chibitronics, printed circuit board fabrication, etc.

Digital Fabrication: 3D printers, laser printing, CNC machinery, vinyl cutter, table tops dye cutters, laser engravers, stereolithography, etc.

Ready to Volunteer?

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Need more information about Volunteering with The Hopper? Email Jen, our Volunteer Coordinator.

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